A personal message from Hayley Kenealy – Community nurse specialist at Prospect Hospice

When I was the Prospect Hospice nurse specialist caring for Christine, and supporting Clarry, it was a privilege to get to know them well and it was clear how much music meant to this lovely family. I learned that, long before I came to work for Prospect Hospice, they had raised funds for us through a CD of songs that they performed together. Music felt like a constant companion during the time that I spent taking care of Christine in her final months.

We are delighted that Clarry has chosen to raise funds again for Prospect Hospice with this wonderful, poignant Christmas song, which remembers and reflects on his feelings at this time of year for his much-missed Christine. I am sure that there are many people who will relate to the sentiments of the song and be moved by Clarry’s performance of it. So, on behalf of Prospect Hospice, our thanks to Clarry and co-writer Andy, to Clarry and Christine’s family and friends, and to you, for supporting the work of Prospect Hospice.

A personal message from John and Susan Mills – Chairman and Trustee of Vasculitis UK

We first met Christine and Clarry Bean in 2014 when Clarry organised a concert in aid of Vasculitis UK at the Swindon Arts Centre. The excellent and memorable performance focused around the musical talents of all the members of the Bean family, most notably Clarry and daughter Abby.

The next time our paths crossed was at the very first UK Vasculitis Patient Symposium in London in 2015. Christine and Clarry kindly volunteered to join the welcoming team involved on the day in registering delegates and running the event.

Christine was a lovely kind and gentle person. She suffered from a rare form of systemic vasculitis, Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA, or Wegener’s Granulomatosis), which is an aggressive and incurable, but a controllable form of vasculitis, usually controlled by powerful medication. At that time she seemed to be overcoming the worst of the vasculitis, but sadly she was then stricken by an equally intractable form of cancer.

We are thrilled that Clarry has volunteered to produce a special Christmas cd to raise funds for Vasculitis UK & Prospect Hospice, where Christine spent her final days.

This will include not only Christmas music created by the Bean family with support from their musical friends but in addition there will be a bonus track where one can hear Christine singing the Sting song “Fields of Gold". This is the very first time that Vasculitis UK has been included in the dedication of a cd. 

2nd&3rd from left: Clarry & Christine Bean. Centre: John Mills. Far Right: Susan Mills

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