20th December 2018

Clarry interview on Sarah Archer's The Speaking Club Podcast (available on all podcast apps) - Click here to listen

4th December 2018

Prospect Hospice Launch Night article - Click here to view

29th November 2018

Kentwood review feat. Clarry - Click here to view

26th November 2018

Live performance of the song - Click here to view

24th November 2018

Christmas single to raise money for charities - article from Swindon Advertiser - Click here to view

22nd November 2018

CD Launch is a success - article from The Swindonian - Click here to view

19th November 2018

Official Music Video is now available - Click here to view

14th November 2018

Clarry to perform at The Festival of Christmas - For Details Click here

14th November 2018

Article from Purton Parish Council - Click here

14th November 2018

Article from Prospect Hospice - Click here

8th November 2018

Article from Ripples Community Magazine (page 32) - Click here

18th October 2018

A message from Irish singer-songwriter Brian Kennedy:

“I just listened to your Christmas song there and I hope you’re feeling proud. It’s particularly moving given that I’ve met you and Christine over the decades and it’s even more evidence of how music can bring comfort at the most difficult of times. I hope you and your family are doing the best you can without your dearest lovely wife...Thanks for sending me your recording...
All best, well sung, well written too!”

2nd October 2018

Article from Vasculitis UK News - Click here

1st October 2018

Article from The Swindonian - Click here

Husband's musical tribute to late wife raises £700 for charity   - Click here to view

29th May 2019

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